Alumni A – C
Name: Adler, Emil
Biography: Poland/Ireland. Bat Kol alumnus 2012. Degree in Patrology (1997) from the Papieski Wydzial Teologiczny in Warszaw. Polish chaplain in Ireland since 2006
Name: Akawor, Christian N.
Biography: Bat Kol alumnus 2006.
Name: Amoussou, Luc
Biography: Bat Kol alumnus 2005-2006.
Name: Anaparambil, James Raphael
Biography: Bat Kol alumnus 2009. PhD in Biblical Theology from Pontifical Urban University, Rome (1998). Professor of Pontifical Institute of Theology since 1998 and held the office of President of the Same Institute (2003-2006) and Rector of St. Joseph's Pontifical Seminary, Carmelgiri, Aluva, India (2009-2012). Currently teaching the Hebrew Bible and Biblical Theology at Pontifical Institute of Theology and Philosophy, Aluva, India, simultaneously following a Master Degree at Cardinal Bea Centre for Judiac Studies in Pontifical Gregorian University, Rome.
Name: Anderson, Anne
Biography: Founding member of Bat Kol Institute for Jewish Studies. President and Chancellor of St. Michael's College, University of Toronto. Prof. Anderson has participated in several Bat Kol programs over the years.
Name: Armstrong, Gregory
Biography: Bat Kol alumnus 2010. Toronto/Canada. Greg is an Evangelical Baptist and leads Bible studies and teaches in young adults' ministries. His interest in Jewish studies sterns from a desire to better understand Scripture, to foster better relations between the Church and Synagogue.
Name: Artyushin, Sergey
Biography: Bat Kol alumnus 2010. Rome/Moscow. Sergey, a Russian orthodox student, studied Scripture at the Moscow Orthodox Theological Academy 2006-2010. In 2007 he received a scholarship to the Pontifical Gregorian University, Rome and received the licentiate in Biblical Theology (2009).
Name: Attridge, Michael
Biography: Bat Kol alumnus 2010. BA, MA, STL, PhD (St. Michael's College, University of Toronto). Associate Professor, Systematic Theology; Christology; Vatican II.
Name: Babota, Ilie
Biography: Bat Kol Alumnus 2003.
Name: Bacleon, Angelita
Biography: Bat Kol alumna 2011.
Name: Baker, Ron
Biography: Served as Executive Administrator of Bat Kol Institute from 2010-2012. Conducted over 20,000 sessions of individual and group psychotherapy in his career as a psychotherapist. His method of practice was primarily existential psychotherapy based on the principles of Martin Buber as illustrated in his book I and Thou. He made aliyah in 2002.
Name: Baldinger, Sr. Juliana
Biography: I participated in Bat Kol Deverim in the session of July 2005. As professional education I learned Geriatric Nurse in Frankfort / Main. Since 1992 I live and work in Egypt. I am responsible for the Novices in Egypt and running a daycare centre for mentally handicapped children which also is open for the whole Village Community, Muslims and Christians. My deepest interest is to live our charisma of understanding also between Muslims and Christians. For more information please also see my website: and enjoy the video “Aponi”. Fr.Theodore says everything in our life should be permeated by this special call of God to love his people today and make them loved.
Name: Bandojo, Maria Nerissa
Biography: Bat Kol alumna 2004.
Name: Baranyai, Ladislav
Biography: Bat Kol alumna 2004.
Name: Beavis, Mary Ann
Biography: I am Professor in the Department of Religion and Culture, St. Thomas More College, the University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon, Canada. Bat Kol alumna November 2004 (Numbers) and July 2006 (Genesis).
Name: Bennett, James
Biography: Bat Kol alumnus 2003.
Name: Bertram, Ralph
Biography: Bat Kol alumnus 2008 and 2011.
Name: Bino, Tom Jacob
Biography: India/Italy. Bat Kol alumnus 2013. Enrolled as an M.A. student of Judaism at the Cardinal Bea Centre in Rome. Future endeavour: to become a teacher of Scripture. Has a good knowledge of biblical Hebrew.
Name: Black, Sarah
Biography: Bat Kol alumna 2009.
Name: Bluger, Thomas
Biography: Bat Kol alumnus 2002.
Name: Boutilier, Michel
Biography: Bat Kol alumna 2008.
Name: Briggs, Gabriella
Biography: Bat Kol alumna 2002-2003.
Name: Brittain, Teresa
Biography: Bat Kol alumna 2005 and 2006.
Name: Brittain, Anne Marie F.
Biography: UK/Philippines.Bat Kol alumna 2012. Member of the Sisters of Our Lady of Sion (NDS) presently involved in development work, mainly with women in rural Philippines where she has lived for the last 17years. Works alongside basic ecclesial communities and catechists.
Name: Brubacher, David
Biography: Bat Kol alumnus 2004.
Name: Busbach, Elisabeth
Biography: Bat Kol alumna 2004 and 2008.
Name: Byrne, Brendan
Biography: Bat Kol alumna 2002 and 2004.
Name: Caballero, Eugenia
Biography: Davao City, Philippines.Bat Kol alumna 2010. For 27 years she has been working in the Catholic Campus Ministry, Davao. As a Campus Minister, she arranges a Spiritual Formation Program, facilitates Retreat and Recollection and does Program designing. She does training and gives Direction ans Counseling and also lectures.
Name: Cabrera, Margaret
Biography: Bat Kol Alumna 2011 and 2014. BA Philosophy, University of the Philippines. MA Candidate, Theological Studies (majored in Biblical Theology), Loyola School of Theology, Manila, Philippines. Presiding Servant of the Living Hope Catholic Charismatic Community.
Name: Carswell, Margaret
Biography: Bat Kol alumna 2002.
Name: Carvalho, Carlos
Biography: Canada. Bat Kol alumnus 2013. Carlos has a B.Sc. (Brazil) and a B.Sc. Mathematics (Canada). He has retired from 32 years as an Information System Specialist Volunteer. He attended a Bat Kol course in Winnipeg Canada in 2008 as well as a 3-year lay formation program of the Archdiocese of Saint Boniface (“Nathanael”).
Name: Casey, Vincent
Biography: I am a diocesan priest from Broken Bay in Sydney, Australia. I have worked in parishes, in formation in seminaries and I am currently the Vicar General working from the Bishop’s office. I attended Bat Kol in 2009 with four other people from Sydney which became the core group for the Light of Torah ( started by Teresa Pirola and supported by Br Jack Driscoll. The Light of Torah weekly studies have allowed me to share insights from Bat Kol with parishioners and the Light of Torah tour has allowed me to return regularly to Jerusalem and Galilee.
Name: Castaldo, Christine
Biography: Canada. Bat Kol alumna 2009. Christine was born and educated in England and emigrated to Canada 1969. She taught for 25 years in the Durham Catholic District School Board and retired after 7 years as Religious Education consultant.
Name: Chapman, Ken
Biography: Bat Kol alumnus 2003 and 2005.
Name: Chellew, Bernadette
Biography: Bat Kol alumna 2008.
Name: Chenard, Jacqueline
Biography: Canada. Bat Kol alumna 2013. A member of the Sisters of Sion (NDS). B.Ed. from the University of Saskatchewan; M.A. in Theology from CTU, Chicago. Worked as mission director and religion teacher of a multi-culture and multi-faith NDS school in Montreal for 4 years. Has studied one semester of biblical Hebrew.
Name: Chesley-Cora, Mary-Louise
Biography: Bat Kol alumna 2001.
Name: Chesley-Jewell, Elizabeth
Biography: Canada. Bat Kol alumna 2013. Born and raised in Toronto. M.Div. student at the Faculty of Theology at the University of Toronto’s St. Michael’s College with the goal to complete a Ph.D. Looks forward to a job in ministry, preferably in a parish setting focusing on children’s ministries.
Name: Chukwudi Ono, Harold
Biography: Bat Kol alumnus 2006.
Name: Chunkapura, Joan
Biography: Bat Kol alumna 2006. 1. Degrees: PhD in Psychology; MA in Clinical Psychology; BSc (Hons. Course) in Nursing; Diploma in Chemical Dependency Counselling from Hazeldon, Minnesota, USA. In addition to several books, Dr. Chunkapura has published many leaflets and articles on crime prevention, alcoholism, addiction and AIDS in various local and national journals. Her speeches are regularly broadcasted by All India Radio and Shalom TV. Awards received include the Gandhi Peace Award – by Narcotic Cell of India for working against Drug Abuse and the Faith Award – Honour of Excellence for 2001.
Name: Clark, A. Sandra
Biography: I live in a small village in rural Ontario, Canada and am an ordained Deacon in the Anglican Church of Canada. I've been married for 42 years. The Bat Kol sessions I attended were Genesis (2001), Leviticus (2003), Numbers (2004), Deuteronomy (2005), and the Teshuvah study. The knowledge gained is very useful in our parish of four churches. The connections I have made through Bat Kol are many very special people.
Name: Cleary, Patrick
Biography: Toronto/Canada. Bat Kol alumnus 2010. Patrick is working at Loretto College Catholic Secondary School teaching Theology and moderating numerous extra-curricular activities and trips within the school community. His interest in Jewish Studies has grown over the last few years due to increased knowledge of our Jewish roots and Biblical evidence showing how important the Jewish people are to God and Christianity.
Name: Coyle, Kathleen
Biography: Bat Kol alumna 2003. She is from Philippines. Faculty: Maryhill School of Theology and Institute of Formation and Rel. Studies, Manila, Visiting Lecturer Yangon, and Patna, Northern India
Name: Crotty, Kathleen
Biography: Bat Kol alumna 2006.
Name: Cullen, Peter
Biography: South Africa. Bat Kol alumnus 2011 and 2012. MDiv; Academic studies for Roman Catholic priesthood at St. John's Seminary in Wonersh, England 1964–1972; Biblical studies at Tantur Ecumenical Institute, Jerusalem, September -November 1989. Administrator of the Diocese of Dundee, 2005 - 2008. Parish Priest of Holy Rosary Parish, 2005 – to date. Director of Diocesan AIDS Program 2005- to date . Editor of the Diocesan Newspaper, 2009 – to date. Three pilgrimages to Israel between 1972 and 1987.
Name: Currans, Betsy
Biography: Bat Kol alumna 2001.
Name: Cusick, Maureen
Biography: Bat Kol alumna 2011.

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