Bernadette Chellew (Bat Kol Alum 2008) was appointed Rector of the Catholic Bible College in Johannesburg in June 2009. Bernadette has had a long and varied career in teaching. She taught for many years during which time she was appointed headmistress in three different schools before moving to the Catholic Institute of Education a national body set up by the Bishops to serve Catholic Education in South Africa. She was responsible for the Life Witness program, a certification course in Religious Education, and teacher upgrading and formation. Bernadette followed the Bat Kol summer program on Leviticus for credit. She is working on the final module and research paper for her M.Phil in Theology with specialisation in Biblical Spirituality. The Catholic Bible College in conjunction with the Bat Kol Institute Jerusalem has offered many programs latterly under the auspices of the Catechetical Department of the Archdiocese of Johannesburg. In 2011 two programs will be offered “The Jewish Roots of the Sacraments” and “The Parables in Matthew-Jewish Tradition and Christian Interpretation.”  Every week Bat Kol HaSimchah meets at the College to discuss the Parashat Hashavuah.

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